Nathalie Roux is a director, producer and actor based in Groningen. 
As she is discovering her voice as a director with the first movie being an experiment with spoken word, her next move is diving into a story about a glimpse of a different life in For you. 

Her aim is to create a language that immediately speaks to the heart, is honest and out of the ordinary. Stories that remind you what it means to be human. Right now these promising words mean very little, but she trusts her love for cinema and the process of giving them meaning while learning on the job as an autodidact director. 

She graduated the Theatre Academy Maastricht in 2019 as an actor. After graduation she found her new love in producing movies, like A self fulfilling prophecy and Nest by Rosa Lackroy. Then the dream to direct turned into reality with CineSud’s Shortslab where they guided Nathalie to get her first short on the road called Stripped Down. Via their Talents to Cannes extra program she jumped on the chance to get to Film Festival Cannes 2023, show her work at their online market and get further acquainted with the world of Cinema.

by Lisa Jasperina Bommerson