When Adira chooses to throw her life around she embarks on a journey searching for a way to say goodbye to her old self. The lonely road pushes her further down the rabbit hole making her question if she is able to persevere and find her new beginning.

Stripped down experiments with the poetry of spoken word and the depiction of the journey that’s underneath.

duration 9”51
genre experimental
language English, Dutch

Rosita Segers, Jetty Mathurin, Merit Vessies

scenario Nathalie Roux director Nathalie Roux producer Kiki Schellingerhout executive producer Nathalie Roux cinematography Johanneke Dijkstra art design Sofie IJzerman and Esther Sloots sound design Arnold Veeman
additional sound design Bart Bruinsma montage Laura Helbing composer Merit Vessies